About Zera


About Zera

Zera Junior School started in January 2013. The term ‘Zera’ is a Jewish word meaning ‘Seed’.  The early childhood period is a foundational stage in life that we at Zera are very keen at imparting the appropriate knowledge skills & attitudes that will nurture the child throughout the life span.

The school began with three children and the number has risen steadily. We are hopeful that the number will continue to increase. Our vision is to see the needs of the child being met in a healthy & friendly environment in order to promote overall holistic development.

As a school, we believe learning is an ongoing process which is not just confined to both in and out of the classroom. Children do a lot of activities both in and out of the class that open their minds and enable them to think broadly. We always have educational trips. This is in order to expose children as much as possible right from an early age.

Our Vision

To provide quality Early childhood Education and Development Training for the interest of the child.


Ensuring quality early childhood education and care to all children irrespective of their status in the society through the teachers training program.

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  1. A life well lived is the one spent on making other people successful, especially bringing up the little ones up in a bright way.

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