Chapel sermonTHE CHAPEL

Karen Christian College is a community of believers. Therefore, we have a Chapel where we gather every Wednesday for fellowship from 11.00 am – 1.00 pm. These services are very important to everyone within the institution for spiritual nourishment, keeping our fellowship with God and also with one another.

Besides the Wednesday fellowships, we have a number of activities taking place in the chapel throughout the week. Each day we have morning devotions from 7.00 am – 7.45 am. Every Tuesday from 7.30pm – 8.30pm, the praise and worship team meet for practice session and on Thursdays, we have fellowship from 5.00pm – 6.00pm.

I am pleased to report to everyone that, the presence of the Chapel in this institution is a great boost since it integrates freely with the courses offered at KCC. It provides the students with the platform to put into practice what they learn especially those in Bible and Theology Department. Everyone does have a talent given by God and here at KCC, the Chapel provides a conducive environment to practice and help grow talents ranging from singing, playing keyboard to preaching and many more.


We do have at least one mission in a term which is coordinated by the missions leader. The main purpose is to reach out with the Gospel and make God known to the unbelievers, offer counseling support and help in community development activities.  This is also an important field allowing the growth of preachers. For you who have a calling to serve in the body of Christ, in whatever capacity, KCC offers the best training and opportunity to develop your ministry.

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