At Karen Christian College


We endeavor to create an environment which is appropriate in undertaking the task of knowledge dissemination, focusing on the achievement of the mission of the college.
One of the greatest demands in our society today is access to quality education. The motivation behind this is to enroll in the relevant course and graduate with credentials that have market value. Due to these demands one is keen in choosing the institution to pursue his/her studies.
Karen Christian College is a place to meet the above needs. We believe in academic excellence and training based on Christian values; that is the reason we have qualified instructors and quality resources to support our mission and programmes. We have curriculum that blends both education and theology. It is a curriculum that gives you an opportunity to develop your career; attitude and character to serve God. Together with academics you will develop in other areas like sports, missions and connect with students from different countries.
Welcome to a college where you will have an opportunity to deepen your relationship with God. It is our prayer that those who will join KCC will mature both spiritually and acquire skills and attitudes that will enable them to serve God and humanity.

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