About St. Council

About  The Students’ Council

The Students’ council is a representative structure for the student body, through which they are involved in the affairs of the school, working with the school management, staff and students.


The aim of the council is to improve the school through encouraging cultural and other co-curriculum activities within and outside the college. The students’ council helps the school in events planning.


The elections are done systematically following the procedures that are available in the school constitution, that is, the students who are interested in various positions are encouraged to present their full names to the Dean of Students for further preparations.


The council consists of:

1) The chairman (the president)

2) The social leader

3) The Spiritual leader

4) Class representatives,

The elections are done by the electoral commission of the college under  supervision by the administration through the secret ballot.

The duration in the office

All the duly elected leaders stay in the office for a period of one year after which elections are done.

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